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TheFactory Discovery is designed to be the first stepping stone on your path as a founder. 

TheFactory Discovery has one goal. Our goal is to provide a complete program that ensures your idea will be investor ready. 


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A Curated Digital Program

TheFactory Discovery provides you with videos and templates designed to take your startup to the next level. You will get access to branding, marketing, MVP's and go-to-market strategies, which will help you get your first clients and users. You will learn how to pitch effectively, and understand the financial essentials for any start up. With this course, you will have in your hands the necessary tools to confidently engage with investors. Ready to accelerate your company?

Course Descriptions

What is included in each kit of the course?

"It's what they say when you're not in the room that matters most."

Branding can be one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle for people new to the startup world. This course is designed to help you focus on the most critical aspects of your branding strategy. 

The team from X.Y.0.1 will walk you through how to create an impactful brand image that people resonate with.  


Topics covered:

  • The importance of vision and company culture
  • Branding for startups vs. corporates
  • Brand management
  • How to drive growth and traction through branding
  • How to test your branding and evaluating the effectiveness of your strategy


Presented by Robert D.B. Leinders-Krog & Haley Zerwas
"Those prime 100 users will potentially be more valuable than the next 1000 people you bring in"

Growth hacking is about getting those initial customers to purchase your product. This lecture will tell you which customers you should focus on and how to begin testing. This includes how you should attack from a marketing standpoint and which methods are best suited to your company. 


Topics covered: 

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Marketing with a low budget
  • Different marketing tools to engage your customers
  • How to hire markerting professionals
  • Growth hacking via non-traditional methods.


Presented by Sean Parcival
"To learn about your idea you should go out and be the system"

 To have a successful product first you have a proven idea. Testing is a critical step before you start developing the physical product. 

With the information in this video you'll be able to understand how you can provide the maximum value to your end customers by interacting with them and getting feedback in a meaningful way. 


Topics covered:

  • Minimum viable products
  • Product testing
  • Using the Lean Canvas
  • How to gain sales traction via testing
  • How to develop your vision/founders fit


Presented by Anders Hageto
"Powerful pitching is fundamental whether your pitching to your clients or you're pitching to your employees"

To deliver a power pitch you have to be memorable. This module focuses on what kind of information people listening to your pitch will find the most valuable. 

Creating a powerful pitch gives you credibility and is highly effective at getting people excited about what you do. Whether you're trying to raise money, spread awareness, or presenting within your own team, pitching is a skill that you will use many times as you grow your company.


Topics covered:

  • Pitching to investors
  • How to make a 3 minute pitch with slides
  • What to say in an elevator pitch
  • 10 steps to engaging people with your pitch


Presented by Christobal Alonso
"Understanding your financials, even if you have no experience with it, is very important for keeping your company heading in the right direction"

This module is designed to teach you about the nuances of using a rolling forecast and how to understand basic financial statements. 

Included in this module is a sample financial statement that you can play with so that you can see how a rolling forecast is maintained.


Topics covered:

  • Budget vs. forecast
  • Sales metrics
  • Company road map
  • Financial models


Presented by Sarah Lerche
"Investors that you bring on should bring value to your company and help you in the future funding rounds"

Getting investors can seem difficult, but this module talks about each step of the process. Matthew is excited to teach you everything you need to be on top of when it comes to getting the money you need to grow.

This module discusses all of the details about funding rounds and company dilution as well as provides you with do's and dont's when getting started with investors.


Topics covered:

  • Valuation and how to determine what your company is worth
  • How to calculate when giving away equity in the company to investors
  • Investing options that provide you with different benefits
  • How to find the right investor


Presented by Matthew Smith 
"Oslo has so many opportunities and resources that are available to support your startup"

To get your idea off the ground, it is important to know how where to look for resources and support. Oppertunities in fintech, proptech and retail tech have been highly successful in recent years.

Jørn and Raja discuss will let you in on who are the key players in the region and where to look for investment


Topics covered:

  • Norwegian startup ecosystem
  • Key players (institutions, companies and private figures)
  • Startup/corporate collaboration
  • Norwegian investor landscape


Presented by Jørn Haanæs and Raja Skogland

Once you've finished the course and completed the assessments (with each course, there is a quiz), you will get a certificate. You now have knowledge on how to get a startup get off the ground. Feel free to share it with the World on your CV or social media channels.

TheFactory Discovery Contributors

The course is created by experienced industry experts, investors, and mentors. They will walk you through the steps to take any startup from the idea phase to being ready to take on investors.

DLA Piper

Camilla Wollan

Partner at global legal firm DLA Piper

Camilla Wollan has broad experience and expertise in the various aspects of Norwegian capital market legislation. She works with advisory services related to framework law and regulatory issues for investment firms, UCITS and non-UCITS (AIFMD), payment companies, credit institutions and exchange companies. 

Oslo Business Region

Jørn Haanæs

Startup Director for Oslo Business Region, the city’s platform for strengthening entrepreneurship.

Jørn talks about how to navigate the Norwegian startup ecosystem, how startups can collaborate with corporates, how to approach investors, and much more!

The Lunicorn

Matthew Smith

Angel investor and former venture capitalist listed as one of the 100 most influential and impactful people in the Nordics in 2017. Founder and presenter at

Matthew talks about company valuation, investment options, smart money and investor-related topics.


Robert D.B. Leinders-Krog

Haley Zerwas

Robert is a founding partner of XY01 and its CEO. Haley is a brand management and strategy specialist at XY01.  

Together they cover the importance of vision and team culture for building a brand that sells.

Escalon Services

Sarah Lerche

President and CFO with 25 years of experience in the financial industry.

Sarah talks about setting up your business model and financial model as a tool to plan resources in the near term and highlight risk areas.


Anders Haugeto 

Anders is a co-founder of Iterate, developing digital products as well as helping startups develop their own.

In the program Anders talks about go-to-market strategy and product testing.

Whereby, former CMO

Sean Percival

American entrepreneur, investor and author who has helped to mentor 1000s of startups on growth marketing and fundraising via accelerator programs like 500 Startups and the Katapult Accelerator.

Sean talks about growth hacking strategies.

Startup Wise Guys

Cristobal Alonso

Experienced serial entrepreneur and global executive who leads Startup Wise Guys, the leading B2B accelerator in Europe.

In the program Cristobal delivers a module on pitching.

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